My Rates               

Forms of payment, all major credit cards, debit and prepaid cards, (money orders and checks, payable in advance).
Checks and money orders can be mailed to my business mailing address. Payable to Cyntayl Incorporated, 40 E. Chicago Avenue, Suite #105, Chicago, Illinois. 60611

First time callers will have to verify their ID's by calling from a phone number that is linked directly to their credit card billing address.
I must comply with legal statutes. As a Fantasy Artist I have to be sure I am NOT providing this service to any minors.


$45.00 for 15 minutes of conversation

$90.00 for 30 minutes of conversation

Web Cam: $6.99 per minute (
15 minute minimum.)

Pay for 10 calls in advance and you'll get two calls free

I like to keep my business on a very personal and intimate level. As I like too think I offer a very personal intimate phone sex service, quite unlike any other
phone fantasy service out there. Hence all item's listed below will only be available on request while we are on a call. They will not be available to anyone but my clientele.

Pre-Worn Undergarments: Bras $65.00/ Thong or Panties: $45.00/ Set of Lingerie. $95.00 /Set of Nylons: $30.00/ Pantyhose: $35.00/ High Heel Shoes: $125.00 / Autograph Photos $45.00/ You've been Kissed Lip Stick Print on scented paper with Autograph: $22.50 / Bra size: 34B, Thong Panty size: M. Shoe size:10/ Postage and handling extra. Allow 21 days for delivery, Deliveries are packaged discreetly. All major credit, debit, gift cards, and pre-payments (Checks or Money Orders) are accepted.. PLEASE NOTE: All items for sale are of the HIGHEST QUALITY